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Collins Chinese Dictionary, фото 2
Collins Chinese Dictionary, фото 2

Collins Chinese Dictionary

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Книга Collins Chinese Dictionary

О книге

With its clear layout, this invaluable book offers the learner of Chinese or English the essential two-in-one reference: an up-to-date dictionary and a user-friendly language supplement in one handy volume. The Collins Chinese Dictionary is designed for learners of Chinese or English, from beginner up to university level. It is the ideal text for anyone who needs easy access to both a dictionary and a practical language supplement.

  • The Collins Chinese Dictionary offers extensive coverage of today's English and Chinese, with thousands of phrases and examples guiding the user to the most appropriate translation. 
  • To help with the pronunciation of Chinese words, this new edition includes pinyin for all Chinese headwords, translations, phrases and examples. Pinyin is the official phonetic system for transcribing Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, and is accepted in all Chinese-speaking countries. 
  • In addition, the dictionary also includes both simplified and traditional or complex Chinese characters. Simplified characters are generally used in mainland China and Singapore, while traditional characters are mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. 
  • The Language in Action supplement offers practical help with everyday language for both Chinese and English 
  • The clear layout ensures that users find the information they need quickly and easily. 
  • The radical index is a clear guide to looking up Chinese characters, helping the user to navigate the dictionary and find Chinese characters without knowing their pronunciation. 
Количество страниц1296.0
Год издания2011
Дополнительные характеристики
ЯзыкАнглийский, Китайский
ИллюстрацииНет иллюстраций
ИздательствоHarperCollins Publishers
Формат195x130 мм
Справочные изданияСловари
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